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Hello, my name is Samir, I'm from Nayarit, I'm 19 year old.
I'm studying Engineering Mechatronics (IMT), and I choosed this degree because I want to learn about programming, robotics, electronics, specially because it does not focus only in one area, maybe I mainly choosed it for that, because I wanted to study an engineering, but I dont wanted to focus only in one area, maybe this is the principal problem with mechatronics, that you know a little bit of everything but finally not enough of something. I think that I did a good option, I hope don't get surprised.
I'm really bad in sports, I don't play any instrument, I think that this is the correct moment to start to play some sport or an instrument because it's sadly don't do any of those things.
I really like the content in YouTube, it's amazing how you can learn about some topic in minutes, I don't like T.V. But I really enjoy to read, I read different books, but lately I just read comercial books like The Hunger Games, Looking for Alaska, and that type of young adults novels (guilty pleasure). But also I enjoy read historical books about Nazi holocaust.
Basicly this is a little introducing to my person. I am an open book, so maybe that's enought to know me.


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Hi guys here's my . You can look for the code here: CODE